Braving Batten Disease: Hope for Annabelle & Abigail

Sisters Annabelle and Abigail have an incurable form of Batten disease known as CLN2, which has no documented survivors into adulthood. At Lurie Children’s, they receive weekly doses of a specialized enzyme therapy injected into the brain that aims to help slow the progression of the disease’s symptoms, which include seizures and loss of mobility.

“This doesn’t cure the disease, but Annabelle at five-and-a-half is still able to walk; she is still able to do somersaults. This treatment has given a brightness back to Annabelle’s eyes that was fading fast,” their mom, Amanda, said.

Lurie Children’s Division of Neurosurgery, led by Dr. Sandi Lam, supports research related to finding a cure for CLN2 and other forms of Batten disease.

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