Brain Stroke Treatment | Post-Stroke Recovery | Dr. Gaurav Gangwani

Know everything brain stroke in hindi language - how to identify stroke symptoms, stroke treatment and stroke recovery.

Learn in this video and the stroke playlist multiple facts about stroke in Hindi-
1) stroke meaning
2) stroke symptoms
3) stroke paralysis
4) global stroke statistics
5) types of stroke -
ischemic stroke
hemorrhagic stroke
6) stroke recovery

If you are looking to understand about following topics, this video is for you:
1) brain stroke in hindi
2) paralysis in hindi
3) brain hemorrhage in hindi
4) ischemic stroke
5) hemorrhagic stroke
6) stroke paralysis
7) time is brain
8) the stroke

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Friends - 1 in every 6 people will face a stroke in their lifetime.
And if not treated within the first 3-5 hours, it can have irreversible consequences. If you don't reach a hospital on time or don't take right decisions, it can be a cause of death of the patient or permanent paralysis.

In this video we share with you what to do if someone near you experiences a stroke/paralysis attack. how to identify if it is a stroke and what to do next.
This video and upcoming few videos in this series will discuss about stroke and its types. All in an easily understandable language to you.

Made by Dr. Gaurav Gangwani (Interventional Radiologist), Mumbai, India
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// Disclaimer: The video is for educational purpose so that the patients benefit from the information and can take better informed choices. It is not meant to replace one or one physical or tele-consultation with an expert doctor in an institute or healthcare setup. As management algorithms may have to be customized depending on patient demographics, symptoms and clinical results.
// Brief BIO

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani is an Attending Consultant Interventional Radiologist. He graduated from BYL Nair Ch. Hospital and TN medical college, Mumbai and completed his post-graduation in Radiology from St. Stephens’ hospital, Delhi. With a keen interest in Interventional Radiology from his PG days, he refined his skillset by a 2-year fellowship program in Hepatobiliary and Oncology IR in the prestigious Sir Ganga Ram hospital followed by expanding his spectrum of IR procedures in Jaypee Hospital, Noida catering to patients from 19 different countries as a center of excellence in IR.

Dr. Gaurav Gangwani has been a pioneer to perform few interventions in India which a couple IRs perform including procedures like thyroid nodule and parathyroid adenoma ablations, vasculomimetic stenting for juxta-anastomotic stenosis in AV fistulas and endovascular therpay for veno-occlusive erectile dysfunction.
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