Bookshelf Tour + Diabetes Management on Shabbat + Shabbat Prep|Orthodox Jewish Mom(Jar of Fireflies)

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I have a super fun video for you today! I start out by sharing a quiet morning with my son, before we get started on our day. I recently got my living room looking a way that I like it, so I give you a tour of our updated living room along with a bookshelf tour of the kids' books. After that I get to work with Shabbat prep of cooking and delivering Shabbat dinner to friends before returning home to keep working on getting the house cleaned up and finishing up with Shabbat prep. Then I sit down for a chat with you about what I bring with me when we go out on Shabbat, which includes a discussion about how we manage my child's Type 1 Diabetes on Shabbat. Then it's a quick wrap up right before it is time for me to light candles! Thank you for watching!

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