Bohat Zyada Shopping Karna Nafsiyati Masla Hai - Compulsive Shopping Disorder - STOP SPENDING MONEY

Bohat Zyada Shopping Karna Nafsiyati Masla Hai - Obsessive Shopping Disorder - STOP SPENDING MONEY

Today Dr. Amina will discuss the topic of shopaholic people. He will talk about, is it a disease? If it is a disease, how can you overcome it? or, how can we help out people with this disorder?

People with shopping addiction can't differentiate how much shopping they have to involve in shopping. They have an impulse they have to go outside and do some shopping. Sometimes this shopping is relevant, but most of the time it is irrelevant.

Ms. Amina Iftikhar is a Psychologist Specialist practicing at Evercare Hospital, Lahore. Ms. Amina is also available for Online Video Consultation through oladoc.com. To book an appointment with Ms. Amina, please visit the following link or call 042-3890-0939.

In the first case, these people have disturbed inside and they don't know, how to do and what to do? So in the maniac stage, some people do excessive spending or do shopping most often. This is the first psychological issue they face with which they become addicted to excessive shopping.

It is also seen, these types of people are also a victim of some emotional abuse. These are the people who have low self-esteem, and they feel inferior around other people. They have high depression levels and to reduce their depression they do excessive shopping. For these people, we have to build a strong relationship with them to reduce their stress levels.
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