Blood Glucose Testing - Clinical Skills OSCE - Diabetic Testing - Dr Gill

Blood Glucose Testing - Clinical Skills OSCE - Dr Gill

Many patients are aware of their need to monitor their blood sugar levels. However beginning to measure your blood glucose, can be a challenging skill to learn, verse it is important that all healthcare professionals engaging with diabetic patients are able to explain this simple procedure

As a result, medical students are often tested in their Clinical Skill OSCEs with this relatively straightforward station.

One of the reasons this is a core Clinical skills station at medical school, is it tests both student's communication skills, but also their direct knowledge of this Clinical procedure - testing a patient's blood glucose

It should be highlighted, that in this video the patient did not have an alcohol wipe of a finger before the blood glucose measurement was taken. There is conflicting evidence, most notably from historical research that alcohol wipes may negatively affect the accuracy of blood sugar readings. There are more recent articles, that have argued there is no clinical significance to any change that may occur to the blood glucose due to using the alcohol swabs, but it is essential to highlight that clinical consensus is still lacking on this point


Please note that there is no ABSOLUTE way to perform a clinical examination. Different institutions and even clinicians will have differing degrees of variations - the aim is the effectively identify medically relevant signs.

However during OSCE assessments. Different medical schools, nursing colleges and other health professional courses will have their own preferred approach to a clinical evaluation - you should concentrate on THEIR marks schemes for your assessments.

The examination demonstrated here is derived from Macleods Clinical Examination - a recognised standard textbook for clinical skills.

Some people viewing this medical examination video may experience an ASMR effect

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