BioC 2022 - Assessing Cellular Heterogeneity Across Time and Disease

Jalees Rehman, MD., Head, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, University of Illinois, College of Medicine (Chicago), gives his keynote presentation at the Bioconductor Conference 2022. Dr. Rehman presents on Assessing Cellular Heterogeneity Across Time and Disease.

Dr. Rehman began the presentation by introducing the research in his lab and work with R packages. He continued by sharing the biological backgrounds behind their computational approaches as well as the mechanisms of ALI/ARDS. Dr. Rehman shares about the algorithm developed, BITFAM, and walks the audience through the work conducted using BITFAM. The presentation continued with Dr. Rehman sharing the way it was applied to lung injury in COVID19 cases and explaining more about the two different phases of representing, identifying, and using that data. Dr. Rehman concludes the presentation by sharing some ongoing projects and participating in a questions and answers session with the audience.

Main Section

0:00 Introduction
1:55 Mechanism of ALI/ARDS: vascular barrier breakdown
6:00 Single cell endothelial heterogeneity within the lung during inflammatory injury
10:20 Inferring the activation of transcription factors in distinct cell subpopulations
12:56 Points for using BITFAM
14:29 Tabula Muris - A single cell RNA-Seq database
17:17 Learns the weights linking individual TFs with their target genes
20:33 Applying BITFAM to lung injury
22:50 Systematic analysis of gene expression
31:25 Phase 1: How do we represent scATAC-seq data?
34:12 Phase 2: Identify cell heterogeneity using annotated gene segment matrix
34:58 Ongoing projects and acknowledgments
36:03 Q&A
41:01 Closing and Thank you!

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