binging on *healthy foods* | cutting *sugar* | out of stress | honest day in my life

Hi guys...This video is about me binge eating out of stress and anxiety. I just wanted to be very honest with you all.

I am not promoting binge eating or any eating disorder through this video. If you can get triggered easily, I would like you to not continue watching this video. My purpose through this video is to just let you know that it's not always the way it looks. You have seen me eating healthy most of the time in my 'what I eat in a week' and 'what I eat in a day video but I too have some bad days. And it's OKAY to have bad days. To be very clear... I don't have a binge eating disorder. It only happens out of stress and anxiety once in a while. I am not PROFESSIONAL to talk about it but just wanted to be very honest with you all.

Hope you all enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching. Please check out my other videos.



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