Biblical Foods For Cancer, Liver And Kidney Disease - Q&A Episode 104

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I am a dialysis patient and I'm on a low potassium, low phosphorus, low sodium and high protein diet. I spoke to my dietician at dialysis about helping my liver because a couple months ago i was in the hospital with gall stones and tested positive for COVID. My liver was also a bit swollen. She didn't help much, anyway, my question is, would you be able to make a video for people who have kidney disease like me who can drink something to help their liver? Thanks a bunch. - Michael
Beet tops
Lemon water

Water - purified

Buy in bunches, dehydrate or freeze until ready to use - store in bags for individual juices.
Blend for a delicious drink - you could have this daily or it could be a monday morning, friday morning nutritious drink,
Add super foods and seed fiber to enhance it even more.
If you have trouble digesting these foods there are two option - digest from transformation enzymes or digestive from the link below.

Let’s dive more into this question. Here are tips to improve not only your liver but your kidneys as well.
Stretch - get up once an hour and stretch for 5 minutes. Sitting all day is harmful for the kidneys.
Maximize the good stuff, minimize the bad stuff, stay hydrated and stay happy and according to dr Jaffe - your kidneys will begin to heal. This will also bring the health of your liver to a better state.
Eat the foods God called good - if God did not make it and you don't recognize it - like ensure or boost - then throw it away. Those are both lab experiments and 100% complete synthetic. Make your own protein boost drink.
Take B Complex or make sure the multi vitamin you take has adequate b complex in it.
B complex should keep your urine yellow all day long.
Kidney health is related to high blood pressure. They are connected.
To heal we must eat as if you believe in God - then enjoy the life God designed.

2. What should I eat for bad indigestion? I had a meal that was overly spicy and now my stomach is mad at me
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