Biblical Eating For Healing & Health | Q&A 71: Biblical Healthy Eating

What is biblical healthy eating and how does it work?
I’ll answer questions about healthy eating done biblically, and I will also share the 3 biblical principles today!

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Today's questions are all about biblical healthy eating. It can be confusing. We've been taught to eat so many crazy different ways. And they're all man's ideas. Now, how do we transform that into being biblical ideas and biblical principles? Well, that's what we're going to talk about today,

1. I'm interested in the Daniel fast and starting to eat healthier. My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen. I do not have access to much to cook with other than a microwave air fryer, blender and a toaster. Is there a way to get started with my limited resources?

Yes, the Daniel fast can easily be enjoyed even in your limited situation, which is not actually that limited. In fact, you might even find it enjoyable. So you remodel your kitchen while you remodel your menu. It works. Well I have videos on smoothies, power salad, even power meals. These are going to give you ideas of how to be creative with your cooking options. And they all work. Plus this is exciting. We had just updated our Daniel fast course. I'm so excited about this, it is loaded with more delicious recipes. It's clearly laid out with an easy shopping list for each week.

2. How easy is this to put into practice? I want to eat what God tells us to eat and get rid of all of the junk. But is it practical? I'm a mom of a four year old and a four month old. My husband who is agnostic is gone for a week or more at a time. So I guess I'm saying that I'm nervous,

This is as practical and as easy as you want it to be. We make choices every day of what we're going to eat and what we're not going to eat. Now this is evidenced by the number of commercials for food and then also the placement of food in the grocery store. It's all to get your choices to be the most marketed key products. We struggled mostly in our mindset than we do with the food. Now my family was at a crisis point. And we chose to change our eating in order to reverse a health crisis. And we have been on that journey ever since. Today. GMO has been in the food chain since 1994. This explains why we're seeing more rare diseases become normal.

3. How do you start eating properly by the word of God, where weight and health is not a potential problem?

Whether weight or health is a potential problem is not really the reason that we choose to eat the foods that God called good that He recommended. That's just a side blessing. As I read God's Word and more is revealed to me on the provisions that he has offered to us. It starts with His love, I don't need to be in a desperate place to benefit from His love, I can enjoy just as much where I am.

4. I have done Daniel fasts and feel great on those. But I'm on a mission to tricycling trip across America. And I'm doing this with an American Christian flag. I just don't have a rhythm yet. Or the best way to travel and shop for fresh food. When it is so simple to just eat fast food. I would love to see how you do your bike trips and stay on a diet shop for storage, or is it just packaged or canned? Or are you using a chase vehicle?

Even with the chase vehicle though we've had to eat out some and then getting in the protein can prove difficult. So here's my favorite way to do this. I make the protein bars and from my own recipes and I pack these. I also have the breakfast bars out of my cookbook as well. They travel really well. I can make many in advance. Now. These are both in my healthy treasures cookbook. And then it's a matter of I'm taking my dehydrated fruits like I've got dehydrated pineapple strawberries, Mango cantaloupe and do that as a snack while I ride,
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