Bible Interpretation Bible Study—Lesson 3: “Let Scripture Interpret Scripture"

“That’s just your interpretation.” Have you heard people say that? It seems like there are all sorts of different ways to interpret the Bible today. How can we know what’s right and true? I hope you can watch a Bible study from our church called, “Letting God Speak: What’s the Right Way to Interpret the Bible?” You’ll grow in your confidence in God’s Word and your understanding of the truth from Jesus.

In this third lesson, we discussed this principle for interpreting the Bible: “Let Scripture interpret Scripture.” We let the Bible interpret itself and use clearer passages of Scripture to understand more difficult passages of Scripture. In this Bible study, we practiced letting Scripture interpret Scripture by studying two specific verses in the Bible: “God is love,” and “Faith without deeds is dead.” We hope you’ll watch our Bible study!

To access the study guide for the Bible study, please click on this Dropbox link:
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