Best Spots in LA to Buy Raw Vegan Foods for Plant Based Lifestyle

John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares with you his weekend trip to Los Angeles to show you all the best places to purchase fruits, vegetables, and the best raw vegan plant foods. You will learn the best farmers markets to visit, the best health food stores, raw vegan restaurants, wholesale veggie start nurseries, and much, much more.

Special thanks to Raw Food Romance and Raw Natty N8 for making this episode possible. (links below to follow them on Instagram and Watch them on Youtube)

In this episode, you will learn how John travels on a 3-day weekend trip, by bringing a plug-in refrigerator in the car stocked with juices, soups, and salads to eat.

You will learn about all the farmer's markets John will visit on a Weekend to source the best fruits and vegetables and have the most diverse diet.

You will discover some of his favorite gardening resources in Los Angeles to source Insect Frass as well as plant starts.

You will see how John spends his days when traveling and everything he does on a packed day.

You will learn about the best health food store that has the biggest variety of raw and vegan foods in Los Angeles.

You will learn about the best place to buy fresh sugar cane juice in Los Angeles using locally grown sugarcane stalks.

You will also learn how you can save the most money on fruits and vegetables by shopping at the Los Angeles Wholesale produce terminal in DTLA.

After watching this episode, you will learn all the best places in LA to buy raw fruits and vegetables, plant starts, and other plant-based foods.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:00 Episode Starts
01:07 Special Thanks to Raw Food Romance & Raw Natty N8
05:33 Packing up the Truck to Los Angeles
07:30 Hotel Checkout
07:17 Pasadena Farmers Market
09:34 Rainbow Mealworms for Fertilizer
09:55 Torrance Farmers Market
12:35 Eating Lunch at the Park
14:30 United Plant Growers Nursery Long Beach - Veggie Plant Starts
16:59 Under the Sun Raw Living Foods Restaurant in Long Beach
17:58 Grocery outlet
18:40 Drinking Root Juice Snack
18:58 Hotel Stay and Eating Dinner
20:30 Headed out from Hotel
21:17 Mar Vista Farmers Market
22:40 Unpasteurized Fermented Living Food Vegan Tempeh
23:50 Hollywood Farmers Market
25:00 My favorite place to buy Organic Dates
25:40 Erewhon on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles
26:48 Lunch at Erewhon
29:10 Wild Living Foods - Raw Plant-Based Restaurant
29:45 Jose Ramirez Backyard Fruit Orchard
33:19 Fresh Canes in Rosemead - Raw Sugarcane Juice
38:05 Visiting Wendiland to Film Video on Straw
39:40 Final Hotel for the Weekend
40:23 Wholesale Produce Terminal In Los Angeles
43:42 Where to Get Organic Produce at the New Terminal
44:16 Repacking Produce to Stay Cold
45:14 Old Produce Terminal (Mexican Market)
47:17 My Favorite Nursery: CPG Nursery in Norwalk, California
48:35 Plants are Better to Buy than Produce
52:00 Lunch and Packing up Hotel Room
53:12 Cal Poly Pomona Farm Strore
53:45 Final Summary and Thoughts

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