Best Recipe for Smooth Digestion and Pelvic Health: Poop Cure!

This "Poop Cure" recipe is quick and easy, and a great addition to your daily routine! Have a spoonful every morning (see recipe) for easy digestion and smooth elimination. You'll experience less constipation, less straining, and better pelvic health.

Stir together equal parts:
-oat bran (I use gluten-free oat bran)*
-unsweetened applesauce
-prune juice

*Instead of oat bran, you can substitute wheat germ, freshly ground flax seed, or psyllium husk. If you use psyllium husk, you'll need to use MORE applesauce and prune juice.

-After stirring together the three ingredients, cover and refrigerate.
-When you're ready to eat this mixture (i.e. EVERY MORNING) spoon out 1-2 Tablespoons of the mixture into a small bowl. Add a small amount of boiling water, and stir. Drink, or eat with a spoon.
-Use mixture within 3-4 days.

The fiber (bran), pectin (applesauce), and sorbitol (prune juice) in this recipe are great for digestion. *Eating this warm + liquidy mixture every morning will stimulate an easy + smooth bowel movement!*
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