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These 9 snacks are the perfect thing to keep up your busy lifestyle while feeling healthy and fit.

1) @sietefoods, has a delicious Grain-Free tortilla chip great for dips like hummus, guacamole and sour cream.

2) @synergykombucha, our favorite drink for energy, a little caffeine boost and probiotics for the gut. There are so many yummy flavors to try!

3) @rebbl is an awesome brand with coffee, matcha tea and also an incredible golden milk latte. Really simple ingredients with amazing taste.

4) @paleovalley has jerky sticks which we have found to be the best way to get a protein-packed snack without any negative additives! They also have a greens powder that is perfect for when we're on the road in countries where we can't eat fresh veggies. They have more products, all with quality ingredients that I trust, so check it out.

5) @simplemills has crackers and cookies that are a delicious treat without the highly refined sugars.

6) @primalkitchenfoods has great salad dressings which we add to a box of greens for a light and nutritious lunch. They also have mayo, collagen drink mixes and bars and more.

7) When we are in the mood for something sweet, we go for the chocolate bars made with coconut sugar and minimum ingredients. The reason we opt for coconut sugar is because non-sugar sweeteners can be highly-refined and worse for our health.

8) @thepurcompany is the gum brand we pick. It has no sugar and doesn't use the harmful sugar replacement Erythritol, instead using Xylitol.

9) @rxbar is a great 3-ingredient protein bar that tastes great and has healthy nutritious ingredient like eggs and peanut butter, and is naturally sweetened with dates.
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