Best books for PhD entrance exams | Best reference books for any PhD exam in Life science

Best books for PhD entrance exams | Best reference books for any PhD exam in Life science - This video lecture is going to talk about the best books for phd entrance exam preparation. These list of best reference books for phd entrance exam will help you for better preparation of phd entrance exam. Here is the complete list of best reference books for the best phd entrance exam preparation.

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Best biochemistry reference books -
• Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry by David L Nelson
• Principles of Biochemistry by Voet, Pratt, and Voet
• Lippincott's illustrated reviews

Best microbiology reference books –
• Microbiology by Prescott
• Microbiology by Pelczar
Best immunology reference book –
• Immunology by Kuby
Best cell biology books-
• Molecular Biology of the Cell – Bruce Alberts
• Molecular cell biology by J.Darnell, H.Lodish, & D. Baltimore
• The Cell: A Molecular Approach by Geoffrey M. Cooper, and Robert E. Hausman
Best molecular biology books –
• Molecular Biology of the Gene by James D. Watson
• Molecular Biology By Weaver
Best Genetics books –
• Gene IX by Benjamin Lewin
• Principles of Genetics by Snustad
• Concepts of Genetics by Klug W.S., Cummings M.R., Spencer C.A
• iGenetics: A Molecular Approach

Best plant biology books –
• Plants Physiology by Eduardo Zeiger and Lincoln Taiz
• Introductory Plant Biology by Stern
• Introduction to Plant Physiology by Hopkins W.G and Huner P.A

Best developmental biology book –
• Developmental Biology by Scott F. Gilbert
Best ecology and environmental biology book –
• Basic Ecology: Fundamentals of Ecology – Eugene P. Odum
• Ecology: Theories and Application by Peter Stiling
• Elements of Ecology By Smith & Smith
Best evolutionary biology book –
• Evolution by Strickberger
• Organic Evolution by Veer Bala Rastogi
• Theory of Evolution by Dawkins & Maynard

Best Human physiology book –
• Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology
• Medical physiology by Guyton
• Essentials of Animal Physiology – Rastogi
• Human Physiology (Instant Notes) By McLaughlin

Best biotechnology/ applied biology books –
• Genomes 3 by T.A. Brown
• Industrial Microbiology by Casida
• Plant Breeding Principles & Methods by B.D. Singh
• Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual by Joseph Sambrook and David Russell
• Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis by TA Brown
• Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics by Sandy B. Primrose and Richard Twyman
• Discovering Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics by Campbell
• Molecular Biotechnology- Principles and applications of recombinant DNA by Glick, B.R. and Pasternak, J. J

Best general Biology books –
Best bioinformatics book –
• Bioinformatics: Principles and Applications by Ghosh Z. and Bibekanand M
• Discovering Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics by Campbell A. M., Heyer L. J

Best biodiversity and zoology books –
• Economic Botany: In the Tropics by Kochhar, S.L
• Plant Systematics: Theory and Practice by Singh .G
• Invertebrate Zoology by Barnes, R.D
• Vertebrates Comparative Anatomy - Function and Evolution by Kardong

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