Become a Pilot in 2022 Challenge - Preparing for your Medical Exam

Here is the link to find an AME:

We are challenging you in 2022 to put action to your goals of becoming a pilot. Always wanted to become a pilot? Is becoming a pilot one of your 2022 resolutions?

If that's you then what are you waiting for. Life is short.

Luckily for you this challenge will supercharge your efforts to meet this goal in 2022. By signing up for this challenge at the link below or the link displayed at the end of this video you will get one email a day for 5 days. If you complete each days challenge you will have accomplished the following in just the first 5 days of 2022!!
- Understood the qualifications for a student pilot
- Applied for a student pilot certificate with the FAA on IACRA
- Scheduled to meet with a Recommending Instructor (RI) that will finalize your IACRA application
- Learned what to expect and how to schedule your 3rd Class Medical Exam (THIS VIDEO)
- Understand your ground training options and sign up for a ground school

Here is the link to sign up:
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