Baked Cheese Prawn Vegetable||Healthy Prawn Recipe|| Low Carb Prawn Recipe || Weekly Vlog #6

A healthy and tasty way to enjoy your prawns. A super delicious dish which is also low in carbohydrate and also includes green vegetables.

Baked Cheese Prawn Veggies
1) Prawn (small) 500gms
2) Longly Chopped Onions 3medium sized
3) veggies As per your
4) Oregano 2tsp
5) Black Pepper 2tsp
6) Salt As per Taste
7) Cheese slices 16 to 20slices
8) Tomato Sauce or
any other sauce(optional) As per Taste
9) Butter or oliveoil 2tbsp 10) Baking Tray with
little olive applied to the surface

put the veggies into a bowl of water and give it for boil for about 10minutes.

Take a pan and heat little butter and put the onions and stir them until they turn translucent.
then put the prawn and stir it a liitle. When the prawns starts leaving water then lower the flame and cover it for 10minutes and let the prawns get cooked

If you are health concious then you can steam the prawn until they get cooked

when the prawn gets cooked after 10min sprinkle some salt and mix it with boiled veggies

Take the baking tray and spread half cheese slices evenly to the surface of the baking tray. On top of evenly spread cheese sprinkle some oregano and black pepper and spread the prawn and veggie mix evenly in the baking tray. Again sprinkle some black pepper and oregano.

Spread the other half cheese slices on the prawn and viggie mixture evenly and again spread organo and black Pepper over it.

Add any sauce of your choice if you want to

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees
Put the baking tray in the oven and bake it for 5to 10mins and your baked prawn veggies are ready

All the above procedure remains same only you have to use a broad glass bowl with flat surface and in place of putting it into the oven! Put it in the microwave and cook it for 5to 10 mins

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