Ayurvedic Home Remedies with Ayurveda Expert Dr. Smita Naram


Dr. Naram’s mission: to touch and bless every home and every heart on earth with the power of Ancient Secrets.

This mission is strong and living today, already having helped millions around the world overcome chronic and acute challenges.

- How can these ancient secrets help You?

Dr. Naram’s wife, Dr. Smita Naram, joined this mission early, co-founding the Ayushakti chain of clinics, which is serving people around the world. Together they’ve trained 500+ ‘Vaidyas’ (which are ancient healing practitioners), including Indian and Western medical doctors.

You can now book consultation from anywhere in the world with an ‘Ayushakti Vaidya’, a practitioner of Ayurveda & Siddha-Veda, trained by Pankaj & Smita Naram (both known as Dr. Naram).

Before Dr. Pankaj Naram left his body in February, 2019, he poured his love and wisdom into his wife, Smita, his son, Krushna, his students, and into a life-changing book series about his life, mission, and healing secrets.

The first book, "Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer: A Western Skeptic, An Eastern Master, and Life's Greatest Secrets," is currently being translated with love into 30+ languages.

The Ancient Secrets in this book (and personalized to you during your appointment with a trained Vaidya / practitioner) can help you experience Vibrant Health, Unlimited Energy, and Peace of Mind, feeling young at any age. Dr. Naram’s mission was for these ancient secrets to help you to discover what you want, achieve what you want, and enjoy what you achieve.

You can reserve your copy of the book ‘Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer’ (with bonus gifts/videos) now here:

*You can book an appointment directly with a Vaidya / practitioner here:

You can call:

for India on +91 18002663001
and for Global on +1 800 280 0906

You can email:
[email protected]

You can also log in to www.ayushakti.com

As Dr. Naram would say, “These Ancient Secrets can change Your life forever.”

*Please see all medical disclaimers.
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