Ayurveda in Autoimmune Disorders - Dr. Payal Khandelwal | Doctors' Circle

Dr Payal Khandelwal | Appointment Booking No: 9481215230
Consultant Ayurveda & Garbhasankar Consultant, Panchakarma Expert
Ayurveda First Clinic, Ramagondanhalli, Bangalore
The immune system is the most composite biological system of our body and it helps us to protect from diseases and also from various pathogens in the body. There of two types- 1. Inborn immunity 2. Active immunity. Inborn immunity is something which you get from birth and the adaptive immunity is which is dependent upon many environmental factors, lifestyle factors, your diet, exercise, etc. Now an autoimmune disease is a disease where the body produces autoantibodies that creates antigens which destroy the healthy cells of your body. This usually happens the antigens are produced when there is some trauma to the cells of your body but in autoimmune disorders it happens because of the body getting hyper activated producing autoantibodies and recognizing the healthy cells of your body as foreign body and actually treating them not so well. So usually for autoimmune disorders like SLE, thyroiditis, myasthenia gravis, fibromyalgia, etc. or even in children there are so many autoimmune disorders which affect the quality of life. So currently the treatment modalities available are mostly steroids and immunomodulators. But they do have a certain negative effect on the body. In Ayurveda, we use Rasayan therapies which is again immunomodulation which help in also balancing the immunity of the body and treating the functions of the body in a normal way. Natural adaptogens like herbs are extremely beneficial or herbomineral formulations are extremely beneficial in treating autoimmune disorders. They can be well handled without the challenge of any adverse side effects. Also the person is monitored from time to time. During Rasayana therapy the person is administered a lot of adaptogens and also we have to take care because the person goes through a range of weakened body and mind symptoms. So it has to be a holistic approach to treat the autoimmune disorders because it is happening at both physical as well as psychological level. With Rasayana therapy we can give them immense benefits, they are good to administer for long term and also help in preventing further complications in the body.
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