AVN hip : Best treatment in early cases.Arthroscopic Core Decompression

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AVN is a very common hip disoder that occurs due to a variety of reasons.
कूल्हे के जोड़ का AVN। अगर AVN की शुरुआत है तो अर्थरोस्कोपी कोर डिकम्प्रेशन एक बेहतरीन इलाज है

The most common reasons of non traumatic AVN are Alchohol and Steroids. TRauma or surgical insult can also cause AVN. The AVN is the most common reason of Hip replacement in India. The AVN is a disease which is slowly progressive . In this video we will explain how AVN is caused and what are the main factors responsible for AVN. We will also focus on the treatment of the AVN.
We have seen many patients which are misguided by people on unscientific ways of treatment of AVN . I personally request all my subscribers not to fall in trap of unscientific treatments.
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