Author spotlight with Prem B Bisht

Author spotlight with Prem B Bisht, author of An Introduction to Photonics and Laser Physics with Applications []

Prem B Bisht is Professor of Physics at IIT Madras at Chennai. His research interests include ultrafast laser spectroscopy and its application to nanomaterials with a special interest in noncollinear optical parametric amplifiers and fluorescence microscopy. After receiving a PhD in physics from Kumaun University NainiTal in 1991, Prem has been with IIT Madras since 1997 as a teacher and researcher. Prem has been a JSPS fellow, member of Indian Laser Association, Optical Society of India, Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Indian Science Congress, SPIE and currently a senior member of Optica. He has published 250 scientific papers, one edited book, several book chapters, delivered about 100 talks at institutes and conferences, and supervised 15 PhD students and over 35 UG/PG (Res) students to completion.

Lasers are ubiquitous—from deep space communication to lab on the chip to supermarket product scanning. Although they form an integral part of optics and photonics and are extensively used in research areas of science and technology to create multibillion dollar industries, the progress in severely limited in the subcontinent due to lack of experimental training in this field. The need of the hour is to have a self-sufficient book containing laser-related concepts readily available to beginners. The book is written keeping undergraduate and graduate students in mind to possibly serve as a textbook. It is also aimed to provide fundamental reference material on ultrafast lasers and photonics for researchers in the field of optics and bioengineering. Part of IOP Series in Advances in Optics, Photonics and Optoelectronics.

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