Assured indigestion relief with treatment . Get tips for indigestion relief with Ayurveda

The human body is managed by three dosha (active principles) called vata, pitta, and kapha. These three are the active outlets of wind (vayu), surya (sun) and Chandra (moon). These three eternal factors manage the universe. The equilibrium between the two universes, inside the body and outside the body, keeps the body healthy.
As the fire cooks the food, there is jatharagni (the fire inside the abdomen) that helps the food get digested in the abdomen. Any decline in the physiological function of jathargni leads to indigestion or ajinna.
In today's video, watch Dr Chauhan as he talks about the right diet, lifestyle, and panchkarma treatment & importance of scientific protocol driven treatment by eminent doctors trained under him.
In this video:
1) Indigestion causes
2) Nutritional diet
3) Panchkarma Therapy

Keep in mind that indigestion is the mother of all diseases. If you find that you have any indigestion symptoms, consult with our Jiva doctor.

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