ASMR Unintentional Chiropractic Adjustment Shoulder Exam |Sharp Or Dull, Skin Cracking, Hair Pulling

00:00 intro (asmr medical questions)
1:01 shoulder exam (palpation)
3:25 shoulder range of motion
4:25 putting on gloves
5:25 spine exam with palpation
10:28 hammer reflex check
11:26 lung exam with stethoscope
12:23 tape measuring for inflammation
13:08 tuning for and nerve check
13:59 detailed skin sensation (sharp or dull)
16:37 skin cracking
23:42 acupressure on para spinal muscles
26:53 sensory stimulation of para spinal nerves
29:47 hair pulling therapy

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**Wear Headphones**
This is an ASMR medical role-play, I'm not a real doctor and if you have a medical condition please consult with your physician. This video does not display accurate information therefore none of the information should be taken as accurate/truthful facts.
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