ASMR TSA Pat Down SATISFYING Head to Toe FULL BODY Tapping Measuring | Real Person ASMR Soft Spoken

ASMR TSA Pat Down of FULL BODY & Bag Check of a Real Person - Soft Spoken ASMR Personal Attention Roleplay BEST ASMR for Sleep. This female to female realistic head to toe soft spoken TSA Patdown role-play incorporates #asmr medical & massage triggers: gentle whole body massage sounds, full body front & back tapping & touching sounds (head, hair, arms, legs, feet, fingers, nails, toes inspections), head & face touching, hair, scalp, fingers, nails and toes inspection with light, interrogation using leather & latex gloves, hair touching, fabric & material scraping and scratching, brushing. Shoes & bag inspection includes zipper sounds, spraying sounds & light triggers. #lunaluxasmr #asmrrealperson

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