ASMR The strangest medical examination in the world

Hey! Welcome to the ASMR Box channel! Many people have problems with falling asleep. I know how to get rid of insomnia, how to relieve headache, how to feel calm and get rid of panic attacks. All the answers to these questions how to sleep can be found in the ASMR genre and in my videos! I try to release videos every day for you, my subscribers!

In my ASMR videos there are triggers for maximum relaxation - hand sounds, unintelligible whispers, visual triggers, aura cleansing, massage, haircut, barbershop, makeup, face cleaning, close whispers that are suitable for relaxation! Here you can find role-playing games and different characters. You will be maximally involved in the process of role plays, and you will feel deep tingles! For those who want to fall asleep quickly, I recommend watching the video from the Fall asleep in 10 minutes series, for maximum relaxation - Sleep Clinic, for lovers of humor - Quick Make-up Artist, Mafia, Virtual Hairdresser! I try 100% for you. I wish you a pleasant viewing!

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