[ASMR] The MOST Realistic Doctor Check Up There Is! ~ Very Detailed Medical Roleplay

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Tonight's SUPER relaxing ASMR medical ASMR roleplay is extremely realistic & detailed that you will feel like you are in a real doctors room having your ASMR annual physical exam.
There is so much included in this ASMR soft spoken 47 minute ASMR video & lots of ASMR triggers such as... ASMR face touching, ASMR gloves, ASMR light, ASMR typing & so much more. This ASMR roleplay will have you to ASMR sleep & ASMR relax in no time! The GLOVE sounds are INSANE & INTENSE!! WOW!

To see what is included in this ASMR Doctor ASMR medical ASMR exam, please see the time stamps below...

00:00 Intro
00:08 Best Fiends Sponsorship
01:31 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting & Check In (Typing)
04:43 Weight (Typing
05:20 Pulse (Typing)
06:04 Oxygen & Pulse (Typing & Snaps)
07:08 Blood Pressure (Velcro, Fabric, Air & Typing)
09:19 Chest (Stethoscope, Breathing & Typing)
13:46 Chat About Sinuses/Hayfever (Typing)
14:43 Putting On Gloves (Gloves)
15:28 Sinus Check (Gloves, Face Touching,
19:19 Tear Duct & Oil Duct Check (Gloves, Eye Touching/Face Touching & Instructions)
20:15 Gland Check In Neck, Chest & Armpits (Gloves, Body Touching & Typing)
23:20 Sanitising Hands (Gloves, Foam & Air Pumps)
23:46 Mouth Check (Gloves & Pen/Light Clicks)
25:31 Sanitising Hands (Gloves, Foam & Air Pumps)
26:01 Typing Notes (Typing)
26:14 Nose Check (Otoscope, Light, Instructions & Lid)
27:06 Chat (Gloves)
27:53 Eye Exam (Gloves, Light & Instructions)
31:29 Ear Exam (Otoscope, Light, Gloves & Slight Mic Rubbing)
32:56 Feeling Around Ears (Gloves, Mic Rubbing & Squeezing)
34:21 Scalp Check (Scalp Scratching, Gloves, Camera Strokes, Hair & Scalp Sounds)
37:03 Sanitising Hands (Gloves, Foam & Air Pumps)
37:33 Neck, Shoulder & Spine Check (Gloves & Body Touching)
38:43 Hip Check (Gloves & Body Touching)
39:05 Wrist, Finger & Feet Check (Gloves, Body Touching & Typing)
39:51 Urine Check (Rattling, Lids, Prep Sounds & Gloves)
41:04 Sanitising Hands (Gloves, Foam & Air Pumps)
41:23 Blood Test (Crinkles, Gloves, Hand Slaps, Body Touching, Paper Ripping, Sticky & Plastic Sounds)
44:06 Sanitising Hands (Gloves, Foam & Air Pumps)
44:24 Typing Notes (Typing)
44:47 Removing Gloves (Gloves)
44:54 Hows Your Mental Health & Any Concerns
45:21 Results Of Annual Physical Exam & Chat
45:49 Medication Check (Typing)
46:07 SAD Chat & Recommendations
47:01 End Of Roleplay
47:02 Outro
47:13 Goodnight

Goodnight x
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