[ASMR] The MOST Detailed & Long Cranial Nerve Exam ~ Very Realistic Medical Roleplay

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Tonight’s ASMR entertainment is a VERY detailed & LONG ASMR cranial nerve ASMR medical ASMR roleplay. There is a ton of ASMR triggers to really give you those ASMR tingles, help to ASMR relax & ASMR sleep.

00:00 Intro
00:08 Rose Forever Sponsorship
02:57 Start Of Roleplay: Greeting & Check In (Typing)
05:28 Putting On Gloves (Gloves)
06:22 Face Exam (Face Touching & Gloves)
10:16 Looking In Your Eyes - (Gloves, Instructions & Face Touching)
11:03 Muscle Check - Scrunch Eyes (Gloves & Face Touching)
11:20 Blink (Gloves & Hand Flicks)
11:40 Open & Close Eyes (Gloves & Hand Flicks/Flaps)
11:55 Wink (Gloves & Hand Flicks/Flaps)
12:14 Copy Me (Gloves, Face Touching & Hand Flicks)
13:42 Typing Notes & Looking Through Notes (Gloves, Typing & Paper)
14:15 Eye Exam - Looking In Your Eyes & Pupil Check (Gloves & Light)
17:41 Look Here (Gloves)
18:55 Keep Looking Here (Gloves & Light)
21:00 Pupil Check - Fingers Across Your Eyes (Gloves)
22:17 Look At My Nose Then Fingers (Gloves)
23:21 Follow My Finger (Gloves)
24:18 Follow The Light (Gloves & Light)
25:54 How Many Fingers (Gloves)
27:37 Which Side Moved (Gloves)
29:07 Looking Through Notes (Gloves & Paper)
29:50 Scrunch Eyes (Light)
30:22 Looking In Your Eyes Through My Fingers & Covering Your Eyes (Gloves & Light)
33:04 Typing Notes (Typing)
33:18 What Letter Is it - Drawing On My Hand (Gloves, Cork Lid, Taps & Q-Tip)
37:04 Prepping Lenses (Cork Lid, Cotton Pad & Gloves)
37:57 Lens Check (Gloves, Lenses & Light)
39:01 Snellen Eye Chart (Laminated Paper & Gloves)
41:27 Colour-blind Chart (Laminated Paper & Gloves)
43:30 What Colour Is it (Pen Shuffling & Gloves)
46:30 Typing Notes (Typing)
46:45 Sensitivity Test
47:14 Can You Feel it (Gloves, Brush & Japanese Woodstick)
48:41 Which One Is It (Gloves, Brush & Japanese Woodstick)
51:10 Seeing How Your Face Reacts (Gloves, Brush & Japanese Woodstick)
52:24 Firm or Light (Gloves, Brush & Japanese Woodstick)
52:33 Can You Feel It (Gloves & Tuning Fork)
54:37 Typing Notes (Typing)
55:03 Looking Through Notes (Gloves & Paper)
55:25 Hearing Test - Can You Hear It (Gloves)
56:10 Repeat The Words & Numbers (Whispers)
57:53 Opening The Slime (Lid, Crinkles & Gloves)
58:49 Removing Gloves (Gloves)
58:50 Listen To The Slime (Slime, Fizzy & Sticky)
1:02:35 Which Position (Slime, Fizzy & Sticky)
1:05:38 How Many Pops (Popit)
1:07:22 Typing Notes (Typing)
1:07:34 Ear Exam (Otoscope & Light)
1:07:45 Looking In Your Ears (Otoscope & Light)
1:08:31 Typing Notes & Looking Through Notes (Typing & Paper)
1:09:04 Repeat The Word - Covering Each Ear & Whispering In Other (Whispers)
1:09:44 Can You Hear It (Ice Globes, Water & Water Bubbles)
1:10:12 Listen To The Sound (Ice Globes, Water & Water Bubbles)
1:12:52 Which Position (Ice Globes, Glass Taps, Water & Water Bubbles)
1:15:19 Can You Feel It (Ice Globes, Massage, Water & Water Bubbles)
1:17:04 Putting Ice Globes Away (Prep Sounds)
1:17:19 Can You Hear It (Tuning Fork)
1:17Can You Hear The Difference (Tuning Fork)
1:19:15 Typing Notes (Typing)
1:19:37 Focus & Follow Instructions (Finger Flutters, Clicking & Hand Flaps/Claps)
1:24:00 Don't Get Distracted By The Light (Light)
1:25:31 Follow Instruction - Look At My...
1:26:21 Don't Get Distracted By My Fingers & Look At My...
1:27:38 Typing Notes & Looking At Notes (Typing & Paper)
1:28:14 Don't Get Distracted By The Tuning Fork (Tuning Fork & Clicks)
1:28:55 Don't Get Distracted By My Fingers (Tuning Fork & Clicks)
1:29:29 Typing Notes (Typing)
1:29:46 Smell Test (Water, Glass Dropper & Taps)
1:31:28 Typing Notes, Results & Round Up (Typing)
1:33:09 End
1:33:10 Outro
1:33:21 Goodnight

Goodnight x
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