[ASMR] The MOST Detailed Cranial Nerve Exam (Eyes, Ears, Face Exam & Personal Attention) Soft Spoken

ASMR The MOST Detailed Cranial Nerve Exam YOU'VE Watched Doctor Role-play Ear, Eye Exam Hearing Test. Today is your asmr detailed cranial nerve exam and I Dr. Mad will help you with your health. I will examine the 12 cranial nerves with examinations for your medical procedure. Your Asmr exam role-play will include hearing test, realistic exam, questions, Nitrile glove sounds, latex glove sounds, whispers, female soft spoken, crinkles, fabric sounds, face poking, face examination, visual light triggers, ear exam, eye exam, pen sounds, hand sounds, tapping, hand movements, liquid sounds, spray sounds, and personal attention. All this within 1 hour Enjoy this medical asmr role-play! This is an ASMR doctor exam. Cranial Nerve Medical ASMR role-plays are my favorite. Detailed Doctor ASMR Role-play.

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00:00 intro (asmr medical history questions)
6:17 vital signs (temperature, heart rate, oxygenation, blood pressure triggers)
10:40 heart & lungs exam (stethoscope triggers on the skin, soft whispers triggers)
13:43 head & face exam (putting gloves on, layered sounds triggers, measuring you)
19:07 taste test tingles
22:52 smell test tingles (nose exam, breath in breath out tingles)
28:00 mouth exam (light triggers, gag reflex, tongue up and down)
29:55 writing triggers
30:15 ears exam (hearing test, close-up whispers, tuning fork, otoscope triggers)
39:55 facial sensation (sharp or dull triggers)
41:27 eye exam (peripheral vision tests, light triggers, follow my finger, snellen chart, ocular pressure test, color vision proficiency)
53:23 writing sounds triggers
56:58 random medical tests
1:00:57 outro

**Wear Headphones**
This is an ASMR medical role-play, I'm not a real doctor and if you have a medical condition please consult with your physician. This video does not display accurate information therefore none of the information should be taken as accurate/truthful facts.

Credulous Gal by Anzem
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Mouse Music https://youtu.be/Q_6710tgcp4
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