ASMR Student Nurse Exam in BED (Head to Toe, Full Body Exam, Personal Attention) Soft Spoken

Welcome to tonight’s video featuring student nurse Mad, who is going to give you a full body head to toe examination. Please keep in mind that nurse Mad is a student and she’ll have to report back to her preceptor tonight, so make sure that you answer all of the questions and enjoy this Asmr medical examination. Nurse Mad is going to use her soft-spoken voice to induce ASMR. Allow your body and mind to relax and sleep with this video. Nurse Mad is going to skip vital signs because she forgot to do them, but that’s OK because she’s still a student. Please follow the timestamps for exact exams that you were looking for. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy.
Timestamps :
00:00 intro asmr medical questions
3:34 putting on pink gloves
4:04 heart and lung exam
6:15 abdomen examination
7:65 arms exam upper body
8:49 percussion on the chest
9:07 legs and feet exam (lower body)
9:46 sitting down next to you
9:58 eye exam (vision, light triggers, peripheral vision tests)
14:30 charting
15:10 ocular reflex (q-tip triggers)
16:14 ophtalmoscope (ocular nerve )
18:38 charting
19:01 whisper test
20:09 charting
20:38 otoscope examination
22:52 charting
23:26 tuning fork test
25:59 face and head exam
26:20 lymph node check-up
26:52 neck exam range of motion
27:42 olfactory nerve
28:43 facial sensation (sharp or dull)
31:45 taste
33:10 outro and charting


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