ASMR Smell & Taste Test

Hello and welcome to another ASMR medical roleplay,

In this ASMR video we are continuing where we left off in our previous cranial nerve exam, and performing this follow-up appointment to test your smell and taste. When we left off you were congested and did not pass the smell and taste test. Now I am your Italian accented Doctor performing the smell and taste test, first we do a smell test with spray sounds and scent guessing, then we perform the taste test with the oil dropper bottle and flavour guessing. In terms of ASMR sounds this is a soft spoken and occasionally whispered video with an Italian accent - yes, dr. Lucia is back to administer this medical examination! There are rubber gloves / latex glove sounds, lots of writing and paper sounds, as well as spray bottle sounds and water dropper sounds. This cranial nerve exam smell and taste test follow up appointment is done in a dark and relaxing room (black background) for you to relax and enjoy. This is a fun test and I hope you feel at ease with this sweet doctor character. I know how much you love the Italian accent, so I was happy to do it again :)

Smell & Taste Test Exam Timestamps:

0:00 - Intro & Asking You Questions (Writing & Paper Sounds)
3:35 - Putting on Latex Gloves
5:00 - Smell Test with Spray Sounds and Guessing
11:55 - Taste Test with Oil Dropper and Guessing
18:50 Conclusion and Results Follow Up

What Is ASMR?
“ASMR stands for 'autonomous sensory meridian response’. People describe a deeply relaxing sensation with tingling in the scalp as a result of a certain stimulus—often a gentle sound. Some say the feeling cascades down their spine to their limbs". ASMR is triggered by things such as whispering, softly speaking, tapping, personal attention, accents, and other various triggers. I personally enjoy ASMR as entertainment, for relaxation, to help with sleep, and also to manage stress. Many people also use ASMR for comfort, and to feel less alone as well, which is a wonderful feeling of community and belonging. I hope you all feel welcome here.

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