ASMR - Sleep Clinic Exam (Soft Spoken) | Personal Attention, Medical Roleplay

In this relaxing ASMR sleep clinic exam roleplay, I'll be your sleep doctor and I'll perform a few soft-spoken exams on you, including an ear exam and eye exam. This medical roleplay video is perfect if you enjoy slow, gentle personal attention.

ASMR triggers include typing/tapping, crinkly sounds, light triggers, a soft-spoken voice, and many more for tingles and peaceful sleep.

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00:00 Intro | Confirming your details
04:01 Scalp exam, gloves
08:53 Lungs exam
13:09 Eye exam, light triggers, ophthalmoscope
21:08 Ear exam, otoscope
24:11 Preparing your skin for electrodes
30:30 Essential oils
34:34 Placing electrodes
40:15 Rain sounds, tucking you in
44:04 Hand movements for sleep

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