ASMR Rude Nurse (Scalp Check and Treatment, Scalp Massage, Mean, B*tchy, Lice Check) Medical RP

What! You need a scalp check? Well I suppose so but you better not have any lice or dandruff as its disgusting! Need to be quick as I've got a hot date and I have to go.

Firstly I check your scalp with my nails and rat tail comb and scratch your scalp to see if there is any dry skin or dandruff and thank god you don't. You don't have any lice either. I give you a scalp treatment with my brush just to give you something because my supervisor is watching so whatever. I then give you a scalp massage because I have to and then finish by brushing your hair and saying bye bye.

This rude nurse scalp check contains scalp check, scalp check with long nails, scalp scratching, scalp scratching with long nails, combing, rat tail comb, hair brushing, hair parting, hair clips, hair play, scalp massage, hair clipping, hair sectioning, whispering, real hair sounds, brushing sounds, nail tapping, mean, b*tchy, rude nurse, mean nurse, worst reviewed, real hair, funny and personal attention.

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