ASMR Relaxing Face Exam With Red Latex Gloves (Face Attention, Personal Attention, Light Triggers)

Relaxing face exam with red latex gloves! You are here for your medical visit for me to have a look at a freckle which turns out to be okay, but you have some anxiety. I help you relieve your anxiety through focus tests and lots of personal attention in a medical examination style roleplay! I will be giving you a face examination. Up close close and personal touching to give your face attention. Includes lots of face touching, face massage, latex gloves, latex glove sounds, light triggers, face brushing, breathy whispers, light hand movements, anxiety relief, keyboard typing, and up close attention. Intended to relieve anxiety, stress, and to help you sleep.

I'm Kyle. On this channel you will find content to help you relax & fall asleep. If you're someone that has anxiety, depression, or stress I hope my content helps relieve it & give you inner peace. I love doing roleplays, follow my instructions, anxiety relief, reiki, crystal healing, & more. There will be a variety of other videos as well of course. Open to suggestions as well.

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