ASMR Real Person Shoulder Exam & Massage: Soft Spoken Medical Doctor Check Up Roleplay @Mad P ASMR​

ASMR Real Person Shoulder Joint Exam & Massage - OSCE Medical Exam (Trigger Points, Range of Motion) Relaxing Soft Spoken Old School Medical Exam Doctor Check-Up Roleplay on Real Patient @Mad P ASMR Triggers: stethoscope on skin sounds, neck, shoulder & body touching, palpations & massage, cranial nerves, bone tapping with medical hammer, skin sensations tests with tapping & brushing, skin exam with light pen, body & arms movements, tuning fork, stimulating shoulder trigger points with trigger point stimulator. Orthopedic Specialist relieves shoulder pain with intense tingles for deep relaxation! #asmr #asmrrealperson #asmrshoulderexam

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