[ASMR] Real Person Scalp Check & Treatment (Massage, brushing, scratching, gloves) ♡

A highly detailed ASMR scalp examination and relaxing scalp treatment including lots of hair play and brushing, scalp and nape of neck massage, sticks, soft touch, soft light and tracing. This is a gentle paced and soft spoken ASMR roleplay designed especially to help you relax and drift off to sleep ♡

** This video includes binaural, ear to ear sounds. For the best results and guaranteed tingles, enjoy with headphones :) **

00:00 Intro (soft spoken & hair stroking)
01:42 Hair brushing
03:26 Hair combing
05:28 Hair teasing
06:50 Nape of neck exam
08:49 Gloves
09:20 Sectioning and clipping hair
10:05 Light stick and scratching scalp examination
12:40 Parting and clipping hair
13:17 Light stick and tracing scalp examination
15:28 Hair combing
15:55 Hair clipping
16:18 Light stick and scratching scalp examination
20:00 Blotting paper oil check
22:00 Hair play and stroking
25:00 Hair brushing
26:16 Liquid sounds
26:30 Applying scalp treatment
27:40 Scalp massage gloves
29:02 Scalp massage silicone brush
31:04 Nape of neck and shoulder light touch massage
34:23 Hair combing
37:35 Scalp scratching with chopstick
41:05 Blotting hair with tissue paper
42:25 Outro (hair play, gloves, soft spoken)

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**I have no medical training and this video is for relaxation/entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to provide or replace medical advice or treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms of any illness, please consult a medical professional.

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* Video shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max
* Audio captured with Aston Spirit condenser mics

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