ASMR Real Person Medical Exam: Hands & Feet, Measuring and Sensory Test | Soft Unintentional Style

Dr. Ivy B ASMR does a very thorough Hands & Feet Medical Exam on a Real Person. The examination includes drawing a model of the hands and feet, measuring, sensory test and many other triggers.  @Mad P ASMR  was experiencing some numbness and pain on her hands and feet and Dr. Ivy diagnosed her with Reynaud Syndrome.

I absolutely loved this video https://youtu.be/oNWJcNX6Du8 by  @Chili b ASMR  so I got a lot of inspiration from it! She's so professional and calming!

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*Wear Headphones*

This is an ASMR medical, security or other type of roleplay. We're not real doctors, medical professionals or TSA security agents. This video is for relaxation and entertainment purposes only. This video may not display accurate information therefore none of the information should be taken as accurate or truthful.
00:00 Introduction
01:53 Vital Signs (Blood Pressure, Pulse, Oxygenation)
04:17 Hands Model Drawing
05:12 Hands Measuring
08:43 Hands Examination (Palpation, Strength Test, Capillary Refill Test)
12:03 Hands Sensory Test (Sharp Dull, Coldness)
13:10 Hands Light & Magnifying Glass Examination
19:51 Feet Model Drawing
20:37 Feet Measurements
22:31 Feet Temperature Check
23:07 Feet Sharp & Dull Test
24:12 Feet Examination (Palpation, Light, Magnifying Glass, Strength Test)
26:39 Feet Sensory Test (Tuning Fork Coldness, Brush Left or Right)
29:18 Diagnosis
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