ASMR [Real Person] Head Toe Assessment He was so RELAXED (Annual Physical) Soft Spoken

ASMR [Real Person] He Fell Asleep While Doing a Head Toe Assessment on Him (annual physical) In this video Richard gets one of the most relaxing head to toe assessments of his life. He feels generally healthy but just in case he came in for his annual physical exam. Doctor Mad will do a face exam with lots of face touching, eye exam with snellen chart, peripheral vision tests, color test, ears exam with hearing test, palpation and otoscope examination, mouth exam and nose exam, neck check for lymphatic enlargement. I will check his heart, lungs, arms, legs, back and abdomen.

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Credulous Gal by Anzem
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Mouse Music https://youtu.be/Q_6710tgcp4

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