ASMR| Real Person Cranial Nerve Exam (soft spoken medical roleplay)

ASMR REAL PERSON Cranial Nerve Exam, soft spoken medical roleplay.

00:00 Intro (writing & glove sounds)
01:30 Initial Inspection of head & face
02:24 Vital Signs check
04:22 Sense of Touch & Feeling
05:50 Facial Sensation Test
07:38 Muscular Functions Test
11:30 Manual & Visual Eye Inspection
12:16 Vision Test using Light Pen
14:26 Follow the Finger
14:48 Follow the Light
15:10 Finger wiggling & tracing
16:53 Reading the Chart
17:25 Color Test
18:24 More vision tests (one eye covered, finger counting and wiggling)
19:45 Ears & Sense of Hearing
23:18 Nose & Sense of Smell
25:35 Mouth Inspection & Sense of Taste

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**Wear Headphones**
This is an ASMR medical roleplay, I'm not a real doctor and if you have a medical condition please consult with your physician. This video does not display accurate information therefore none of the information should be taken as accurate/truthful facts.

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