ASMR: Random order Cranial Nerve Exam (1 anomaly discovered) rp

This is a cranial nerve examination role play for ASMR, sleep, tingle purposes. I tried to keep it as realistic as I could with the added intrigue of something a miss. Enjoy.

0:00 Observing your head
0:34 Looking up with raised eyebrows
0:44 Showing teeth
0:48 Blowfish imitation & cheek palpating
1:07 Smile
1:13 Open eyes/forehead palpating
1:43 Closed eyes/forced lid opening
2:07 Closed eyes/face applicating
2:42 *Relaxation break*
2:59 Corneal sensations
3:30 Colour vision - paddles
4:28 Colour vision - Ishihara
7:28 Eye movements - follow the paddles
9:51 Eye convergence
11:38 Taste test
14:45 Smell test
18:05 Vision
20:04 Pupil size measuring
20:49 Pupil light reactions *brightness warning*
21:54 Ophthalmoscopy * close up tingles warning*
25:42 Hearing with tuning forks
27:51 Conclusion

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Disclaimer: My videos are purely ASMR role play & in no way whatsoever intended as medical advice. As such, you should consult your doctor, optician etc if you have a medical issue.
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