ASMR Orbital Cranial Nerve Exam (eye exam, light triggers, face touching)

ASMR Futuristic Orbital Cranial Nerve Exam (eye exam, light triggers, face touching). In this video I will bring you into the future of asmr medicine. Please enjoy this super relaxing orbital cranial nerve exam. I spent many hours writing and perfecting my exams. I hope you enjoy.
00:00 intro (asmr medical questions)
3:51 vital signs (heart rate, temperature, oxygenation)
4:38 heart and lungs exam (stethoscope triggers)
8:10 putting on gloves
9:48 cranial nerve II (sensorial stimulation, eye touching, sensation testing, cold triggers)
15:02 inserting eye drops in both eyes
16:00 writing notes on an ipad
16:31 light reflex (swinging light triggers, pupillary reaction)
20:23 ocular pressure test (hold your breath triggers)
21:55 peripheral vision tests, color vision, voluntary eye movement
27:33 snellen chart
28:57 testing cranial nerve IV
30:35 cranial nerve VII (blinking and eye closure)
32:05 outro

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Credulous Gal by Anzem
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Mouse Music

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