ASMR Only Otoscope Ear Examination | 1+ HOUR of Intense Ear Sounds & Gloves | Soft Spoken Medical RP

'Only Otoscope' sounds like a generic knock-off of my previously popular video, 'All Otoscope', but in fact I find that this one turned out quite a bit better. First off, it's much longer than its predecessor. Secondly, this video has a touch more variety – both speaking & non-speaking parts of the exam, and bits of ear massage thrown in throughout. Third, I was in a GREAT mood when I filmed this and oftentimes my videos are much better when that occurs. It's always nice to have a bit of fun while filming.

Today's video is as its title suggests: an exam using only the otoscope. Y'all really, really liked that one I did some months ago and I thought it would be a nice little treat to re-film but make it much longer than the previous one. THAT BEING SAID, the sounds in this video are primarily INTENSE. I did tone them down so they were INTENSE as opposed to LOUD AND RIDICULOUS.

Introduction ~ 00:00 – 02:00
Wrasslin' on some Gloves ~ 02:00 – 02:28
Outer Examination of Left Ear (Intense) ~ 02:49 – 05:05
Outer Examination of Right Ear (Intense) ~ 05:05 – 07:23
Middle Ear Exam of Left Ear (INTENSE) ~ 07:23 – 12:06
Middle Ear Exam of Right Ear (INTENSE) ~ 12:06 – 16:51
Tympanic Membrane Exam of Left Ear (INTENSE) ~ 16:51 – 21:24
Tympanic Membrane Exam of Right Ear (INTENSE) ~ 21:24 – 27:19
Inner Ear Exam of Left Ear (Intense) ~ 27:19 – 32:20
Inner Ear Exam of Right Ear (Intense) ~ 32:20 – 37:53
General Look Around in Left Ear (Minimal Talking, Intense) ~ 37:53 – 42:55
General Look Around in Right Ear (Minimal Talking, Intense) ~ 42:55 – 48:24
2nd Look in Left Ear (Minimal Talking, Intense) ~ 48:24 – 53:55
2nd Look in Right Ear (Minimal Talking, Intense) ~ 53:55 – 59:12
Massaging Your Ears (Intense) ~ 59:12 – 1:01:40
Writing Notes ~ 1:01:40 – 1:03:58
Final Bits ~ 1:03:58 – 1:05:38

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Hope y'all enjoy, have a whale of a day! :)

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