ASMR Nurse Takes Care of You ❤️ Medical Roleplay

Hello my Dears, Today I have video ASMR Nurse Takes Care of You ❤️ Medical Roleplay

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00:00 Intro & Welcome + gloves.
00:44 Checking your head after an accident.
01:42 Wound cleansing – layered sounds,
02:37 Antiseptic spray.
02:58 Wounds cleansing 2 with cotton pad – layered sounds.
05:22 Light trigger.
06:50 Follow my finger.
07:27 Checking neck and shoulders.
07:44 Checking you tempreture.
07:57 Checking your hearbeat – layered sounds.
08:38 Writing the results and asking questions.
10:33 Cleansing woung with tweezers.
11:36 Ointment for pain.
12:57 Checking your head around and movement.
15:25 Taking details of your contact person.
16:03 Pack of painkillers sounds.
16:48 Outro.

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