[ASMR] Medical Role-play | Ear, Nose & Throat Examination

Welcome to your ASMR Ear, Nose and Throat exam. This relaxing doctor role-play includes a detailed physical assessment of your head and neck, with lots of personal attention, visual and binaural triggers. Medical role-plays are super tingly so I hope you enjoy!

** This video includes binaural, ear to ear sounds. For the best results and guaranteed tingles, enjoy with headphones :) **

00:00 Check-in/note taking
04:14 Gloves
04:49 Physical exam
09:45 Nose check (pen light)
11:40 Smell test
14:20 Throat check (pen light)
15:35 Teeth checking
18:38 Swallow reflex
19:28 Otoscope
22:10 Ear drops
25:07 Ear scraping
28:22 Cleaning outer ear
31:14 Tuning fork
34:12 Trigger words
35:58 Conclusion

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**This video is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms of any illness, please consult a medical professional.

* Video shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max
* Audio captured with Aston Spirit condenser mics

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