ASMR Medical Head to Toe Assessment 2022 [Full Body Examination] | Real Person Soft Spoken Roleplay

Dr. Ivy B does a very thorough full body examination on Sarah. This real person soft spoken roleplay includes eyes, ears, and mouth check, scalp & back skin check, abdomen examination, feet inspection, and back sensations test.

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*Wear Headphones*

This is an ASMR medical, security or other type of roleplay. We're not real doctors, medical professionals or TSA security agents. This video is for relaxation and entertainment purposes only.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Vital Signs (Blood Pressure, Temperature, O2, Heart Rate)
03:24 Vinyl Gloves
03:45 Head & Scalp Check
06:24 Eyes Check & Vision Test
08:56 Ears Check & Hearing Test
11:15 Mouth Check
12:02 Heart & Lungs Check (Stethoscope)
14:16 Abdominal Examination (Stethoscope, Palpating, Percussing)
17:28 Feet Examination & Babinsky Reflex
19:33 Back Skin Examination
21:20 Back Measuring
23:18 Back Sensations Test
26:05 Results & Diagnosis
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