ASMR Medical Exam, but the Doctor is a Witch | Potion Brewing | Hospital of Horrors Collab

Welcome to the Hospital of Horrors, where a series of supernatural doctors will treat your brain fog. I am the witch Selene - librarian by day, volunteer medic a few nights a week. I will treat your brain fog by giving you a brief exam, making you a potion, and giving you a magically painless shot.

Please check out the full collaboration video here:

It features a ton of incredibly creative artists I look up to and includes spooky hospital music/ambiance. Thank you SO much to @Shhheila ASMR for asking me to be part of one of the best put-together collabs ever!

00:00 – Introducing myself
1:15 – Brief eye exam
2:10 – Brewing a potion (my favorite part!)
3:11 – Injecting the potion

Other artists in this awesome collab:

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