ASMR Medical Back Exam to Get Your Tingles Back (Whispered)

---- please enjoy with headphones ----

Hello my wonderful friends,

and welcome to today's video! Today I'm going to be doing a very special and very tingly back exam & treatment with our beautiful friend, mannequin Stella. So let's try and get your tingles back!

There will be a lot of new and tingly sounds and also a lot of whispering, tracing, touching, palpating and the sound of gloves of course.

So now you can just sit back, let go of your thoughts and I hope you can relax a bit. Enjoy the personal attention and the cripy sounds and please like if you like it and if you want to see more, then please subscribe to my channel.

Lots of love

0:00 Preview
0:31 Intro
1:19 Brushing Back with Huge Coiffeur Brush
2:36 Massaging with Painting Roller (Sticky Sounds)
4:11 Brushing Back with Mermaid Brush
4:56 Cleaning with Soft Tissue
5:21 Dabbing with Sponge (Sticky Sounds)
5:43 Palpation Examination
6:59 Applying Kinesiology Tape (Medical Taping)
12:36 Writing & Drawing on Tape with Pencils
13:06 Inspecting Moles (UV lamp)
14:20 Marking Moles with Pencil
15:35 Examining Moles with Laser Device
16:56 Measuring Distances with Measuring Tape & Writing them down
20:07 Taking a Sample of Flakes with wooden tool
20:49 Writing / Drawing on Tape
22:24 Brushing Back with Huge Brush

The darker version begins at 31:23

Note to those of you who are new to our channel: Our friend Stella is a mannequin doll and not a real person, just in case you were wondering
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