ASMR Hospital Eye Exam Unblurring Your Vision | Fixing Your Blocked Tear Duct

Warning - 21:34 while it isn't actually a needle (it's got a blunt tip), the dilator used in this video looks similar.

Welcome to the Cozy Hospital! You've come back in to our ophthalmology department today because of a recurring blocked tear duct that is blurring your vision and making you uncomfortable. Because this is the second time you're being seen for this, the doctor will be performing a dilation and irrigation procedure today. First, she will examine and clean your eyes. She will then lie you back and test how quickly your tear ducts drain with a dye test. Then she will dilate your tear ducts and irrigate, encouraging them to work properly.

Video of first visit: (but you don't have to watch this one to follow what's going on in *this* video)

Happy new year everyone!!!
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