[ASMR] Head-to-Toe Physicians Assessment on @emvyASMR (Intentional, Unintentional ASMR)

Today I give Emily (@emvyASMR) a thorough medical exam from her facial cranial nerves to her leg sharp/dull/vibration sensations! Click more for a fun fact about us!

Fun Fact # 149 — We’ve decided to put up our non “intentional, unintentional” asmr video ideas on our second channel! We currently have a “fast” exam and I’ll be uploading a real life dermaplanning facial on me tomorrow! → https://youtu.be/Bcd6k_dlqSY

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*Disclaimer: We are not professional doctors, security or any other role we play in these videos. This video is for relaxation purposes only. Do not take any medical advice from this content.

0:00 - Intro card
0:03 - Recording health history on ipad
4:47 - Applying gloves
5:32 - Face and scalp check
6:17 - Lymph-nodes
6:43 - Neck range of motion
7:15 - facial strength
7:46 - Ears and hearing
9:25 - facial sensation
10:28 - eye exam
12:42 - nose and smell
13:23 - mouth
13:50 - heart and lungs (chest)
15:06 - upper body skin inspection
15:40 - upper body strength
16:12 - arm sensation
18:24 - leg movement exam
19:34 - leg reflexes
20:17 - lower body sensation
21:10 - pulses
22:00 - stomach exam
22:56 - final thoughts
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