ASMR Follow My MEDICAL Instructions for Sleep (Do As I Say Exam)

Welcome to a very exciting Follow My Instructions video,

In this ASMR roleplay you follow my instructions for sleep, but not just any instructions, you follow my medical instructions for sleep! This is set up in a way that it brings two videos that I know you all love together: medical examinations, and follow my instructions videos. I liked the idea that this feels like a spontaneous medical check-up, but with more surprising twists along the way as hopefully you'll fall asleep to the instructions you must follow. There are an assortment of triggers, so in terms of ASMR sights and sounds this is a whispered AND soft spoken video, as I often alternate in between the two sounds. There is a lot of personal attention, writing sounds, medical exams, and tests and triggers along the way. It is similar in style to a cranial nerve exam. I have included timestamps below so that you can jump around if you choose to do so.

Follow My Medical Instructions ASMR Timestamps:

00:00 - Questions with Writing Sounds
2:29 - Putting on Rubber/Latex Gloves
3:33 - Focus Test with Rubber Pulling Toy
6:25 - Follow the Light Tests (Small Light)
10:29 - Follow the Light Test (Flashlight)
12:55 - Medical Slime Hearing Sound Test
14:38 - Smell Test with Spray Sounds
16:47 - Physical Examination
18:16 - Dental Tests and Exam
19:05 - Breathing Test with Stethoscope
20:53 - Writing Notes and Conclusion

What Is ASMR?
“ASMR stands for 'autonomous sensory meridian response’. People describe a deeply relaxing sensation with tingling in the scalp as a result of a certain stimulus—often a gentle sound. Some say the feeling cascades down their spine to their limbs". ASMR is triggered by things such as whispering, softly speaking, tapping, personal attention, accents, and other various triggers. I personally enjoy ASMR as entertainment, for relaxation, to help with sleep, and also to manage stress. Many people also use ASMR for comfort, and to feel less alone as well, which is a wonderful feeling of community and belonging. I hope you all feel welcome here.

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