[ASMR] Fastest Medical Roleplays (Ear Exam and Cleaning, Face Exam, Hearing Tests and Eye Exam)

In our video today you get alot of medical appointments in a short amount of time some nice fast medical roleplays for you. First stop is getting an ear exam with an ear cleaning, then you get your hearing tested with some lovely sounds and tuning forks. Then off to the dermatologist who gives you a nice detailed face exam. Finally you get to see the ophthalmologist who does some lovely tests and exams on your eyes.

Sit Back and Relax and Enjoy this Top Quality Binaural ASMR Audio. It will help you relax and get loads of tingles ENJOY!
00:00 - Greetings
00:37 - Ear Exam
02:26 - Ear Cleaning
07:46 - Tuning Forks
10:15 - Whispers ear to ear
12:08 - Sound Tests
14:30 - Detailed Face Exam
19:26 - Eye Exams and tests

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