ASMR | Fast 5 Minute Cranial Nerve Exam

Hi and welcome to another FAST ASMR video!

This is a fast 5 minute cranial nerve examination where we go over every detail, just in a speedy way! As you can see this is quite fast, but I don't think it comes across as too hectic or rushed. There is a lot of personal attention in there as I examine you, as well as spray sounds, eye vision tests, smell tests, hearing tests, physical examinations, light examinations and so on. I also listen to your breading and wear one glove! lol. I consider this a quick and to the point cranial nerve exam with all the fun tests we know and love.There are a few writing sounds in there, and I speak in a soft spoken, and occasional whispered, but of course more face-paced tone of voice, with of course the Italian accent that you all know and love. I am very curious to know if you enjoy fast ASMR? For myself it is actually very fun and entertaining for me to watch, it's definitely different from your typical slow and relaxed ASMR experience.

What to expect in this ASMR roleplay:
-Medical Exams and Tests
-Cranial Nerve Examination
-Fast 5 minute CNE
-Fast Paced Roleplay
-Green Screen Background
-Italian Accent
-Friendly Doctor
-Eye Tests with a Light and Chart
-Smell Tests with Spray Bottle
-& More!

“ASMR stands for 'autonomous sensory meridian response’. People describe a deeply relaxing sensation with tingling in the scalp as a result of a certain stimulus—often a gentle sound. Some say the feeling cascades down their spine to their limbs". ASMR is triggered by things such as whispering, softly speaking, tapping, personal attention, accents, and other various triggers. I personally enjoy ASMR as entertainment, for relaxation, to help with sleep, and also to manage stress. Many people also use ASMR for comfort, and to feel less alone as well, which is a wonderful feeling of community and belonging. I hope you all feel welcome here.

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